MASSIVE - Data Heights™

Exclusive Product Performance Analytics
from millions of online Consumer Reviews

Discover what consumers like and dislike about products and services:

  • Are your consumers satisfied with your products/services?
  • How are they performing against your competition?
  • Are there any competitors outperforming your Brand, and why?
  • Are there any emerging trends shaping the market?
  • Where should you drive your Marketing and R&D efforts?

MASSIVE - Data Heights™

Exclusive Product Performance Analytics
from millions of online Consumer Reviews


3 parts Artificial Intelligence, 1 part Human Discernment. Shake well, serve chilled.

Without AI there’s no analysis, but without human analysts there’s no insight.
Big Data would require lifetimes to be carefully read and analyzed, a task AI can easily accomplish. Yet while AI can see patterns the human eye would miss, it can’t provide you with business insights. With our perfectly balanced blend of Artificial and Human intelligence, we can leverage the power of Big Data to its full extent.

We look beyond the stars to search for opinions.

 Online reviews all come with an overall rating;  an useful data point indeed, but it says nothing about consumers’ motivations. Reviews, on the contrary, are very detailed about the likes and dislikes hiding behind a purchase decision. Our AI technology identifies the key features discussed in these reviews, transforming a huge, almost formless mass of text in an ordered set of precise consumers’ opinions about product and service performance.

Product- specific consumer insights.

Our analysis of each category is – guess what – massive. It means that we examine every single product out there; if it’s been reviewed, we have every single opinion that’s been written about it. Thus when we analyze a category, or when we benchmark your products, no trend or competitor – however small – is missed. That’s the beauty of our AI technology appplied to Big Data.

Address your R&D and Marketing efforts with razor-sharp insights.

Consumers may describe a lot of key category features in their reviews, but which ones are really driving their purchase decisions? Imagine being able to identify with incredible accuracy those category features that are critical to clients’ appreciation, but are not satisfied yet by the current market offer. Imagine being able to see market trends before they establish. Imagine knowing how every single product in the market perform against those features. Imagine the competitive advantage that you could have.

Take control of your consumers' Journey.

Social Media Listening tools have drawn a lot of attention lately, however Social Media play a marginal role in the consumer journey. When it comes to making purchase decision, people don’t go on Twitter or on Facebook for advice; in the final 3/4 of the path to purchase, online reviews play a key role. As they describe a consumer’s direct Experience with a service/product,they influence the purchase decision of others in the Consideration and Action phases. Taking control of your Consumers’ journey is essential to your success, and it all starts with a deep understanding of the prevalent narratives.

Insight Reports, no software skills required.

When it comes to our analytics reports, we are pretty old-fashioned. We think that you would appreciate a full Insight Report about the industry category of your interest, expertly crafted by an analyst – just like it was in the Good Ol’ Days of the Golden Age of Market Research. You don’t have time to learn how to use another software platform – however amazing it is. We also think you want to focus on Insights, not analysis. Ok, we provide you with some beautiful interactive dashboards to play with, too.




Once a category has been setup, periodical updates are almost real-time.


Our AI automatically extracts the key category features and identifies opinons about them, at a product level


Consumer Insights are up-to-date and are influencing the current purchase patterns.


Our technology can interpret and analyze different languages.


The analysis includes every product/service sold in the market, however small.


We analyze every single review from the selected sources, so that no information is missed.


AI to manage a huge amount of reviews, Human Analysts to provide insights.


Unparalleled quantity of information, with the depth of a qualitative research.

MASSIVE - Data Heights™

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